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LSH Hotels Lourdes

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LSH Hotels Lourdes

Exceptional quality and services in a privileged location
The official name of one of the most important Hotel Group in Lourdes. This group is formed by five Hotels 4 and 3 stars: Helgon****, Miramont****, Croix des Bretons***, National*** and Paradis****.

The quality and services of our hotels are exceptional, also the in a perfect spot and between 266 m to 573 m (1 - 4 minutes walking distance) from the Sanctuaries entrance. Our history and experience are also well known and traditional in Lourdes. We began in 1899 and transmitted our know-how from generation to generation.

We work in all the markets: national and international, and we help with the organization of tours, getaways and transfer to the airport or to the train station.

Hôtel Helgon

The modernity of its equipment and decoration makes it a superior hotel
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Hôtel Miramont

In the Gave de Pau riverside, Miramont has an elegant dining room with panoramic views
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Hôtel Croix des Bretons

Just 266 meters away from the Sanctuaries, the hotel has an unbeatable location
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Hôtel National

Located in the heart of Peyramale de Lourdes neighborhood has all the modern comfort
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Hôtel Paradis

The modern and spacious hotel is conveniently located 485 meters from the main entrance of the Sanctuaries
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Our restaurants and cafes are perfect for any event. It does not matter if is motivated by business or leisure.

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